5 Reasons Why Using a Professional Deep Cleaning Service Makes Sense

1. Regular Deep Cleaning of your carpet, drapes, and upholstery helps to both save you money and make you money. According to a majority of carpet manufacturers, regularly deep cleaning your carpet with hot water extraction extends the life of your carpet. Deep cleaning can extend the life of your carpet many years and can make you a greater than 50% return on your investment.

Here is a fairly typical example of how regular maintenance can create a great return on your money:

2. When it comes to prolonging the life of your carpet it is very important to go with professionals that have an expertise in doing the job right. One of the reasons hot water extraction can be effective is because the heat cuts through the soiling in the carpet. This same heat however, can cause permanent damage to the carpet fiber if not done with the right expertise.
 It is important to go with a deep cleaning carpet service that can do a fiber test to determine the fiber type of your carpet so they can select the adequate temperature to best suit your unique carpet. An expertise in using the right equipment at the right temperature is very important. For example, this is why we use portable units. The temperature is adjustable and can hold its own even against truck mounted units. The challenge with truck mounted units is they often run too hot and do damage to the carpet in the long run.

When it comes to the proper chemicals and solutions to use on the carpet it is important that the PH level of the carpet comes into consideration. Professionals can make sure that they pick chemicals that compliment the type of fiber of your carpet. Natural fibers such as wool carpet need to be treated differently then synthetic fibers like olifin for instance. Neutralizing chemicals properly makes sure that the carpet is left in its natural stable state and not going to be damaged by improper chemical use.


3. Going with a professional cleaning service frees up your employees to do what they do best. In our experience, we are at least 3x’s faster in almost every case then the work being done internally. Besides doing the job right, the amount of time that job takes plays a big role. When the job can be done much faster it often is the same cost or less to hire an outside deep cleaning service versus doing it in house.


4. When picking a deep cleaning service the best companies are the companies that specialize in deep cleaning. There are many companies that specialize in janitorial services that may provide one to two deep cleaning services on the side such as deep cleaning carpet. When looking to get the best value for your money it is important to go with those who have experience.


The next level is to pick a deep cleaning company that has experience in the kind of job that you want to get done.


5. When picking a deep cleaning company pick the company that can streamline your decision making. A one stop shop serves a number of advantages most of all being that they get to know your needs and what you unique needs you have.


Renue Systems has over 29 years of experience deep cleaning in the hospitality and commercial industry. Besides providing deep cleaning carpet service, Renue Systems also specializes in stain repair including wine, coffee, and even bleach stain repair to name a few.

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