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Bleach Stain Removal and Carpet Dying Service On Oahu

Time Tested Bleach Stain Removal and Carpet Dying Cleaning Services

Bleach Stain Can Be Repaired Avoiding Costly Replacement

Renue Systems of Oahu utilizes has specialized in bleach stain removal and carpet dying for over two decades. Our technicians undergo extensive training to learn how to best match color and perform carpet dying.

Our technicians undergo an extensive 10-day training at Renue Headquarters in Chicago as well as quarterly training locally. At training they learn how to fiber ID the carpet and select the matching Renue System chemicals that match both the fiber and the unique conditions of the carpet. Not all carpets can be dye treated and using the wrong temperature on the wrong carpet fiber can cause permanent fiber damage. The proper temperature Renue Systems technicians use is based on the fiber ID of the carpet.

Don't replace your carpet if you don't have to, "Renue it":

This is a before and after photo of a terrible bleach stain in a carpet with an elaborate design. Through dye treatement the after photo shows the carpet looking like new.

Removing Stain Give You A Great Return On Your Investment

Extend the life of your carpet by going after bleach stains with Renue Systems' expertise. Don't replace it, 'Renue it'.

This is a picture of Marty Jolette of Renue Systems dying the carpet back to life at a Wyndham property.
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