Drapes and Sheers
Cleaning Service

Drapes and Sheers Cleaning Service

Quick and Efficient Cleaning While Still Hanging on the Rod

We quickly clean your drapes and sheers – while they’re still hanging on the rod. This eliminates the need to take down drapes and sheers for laundering and being stuck with an out of order room. We can get out many of the stains that are missed by laundering services and can do it at a lower cost.

Specialized Equipment, Extensive Training, and Proprietary Chemicals for Superior Results

Renue Systems of Oahu utilizes specialized equipment, extensive training, and proprietary chemicals to get the best results. With 30+ years of experience in commercial cleaning of drapes and sheers, Renue Systems has developed innovative breakthroughs that have been discovered through testing and product development that lead to superior results in cleaning drapes and sheers.

Key Benefits Drapes and Sheers

Lower Your Costs Of Deep Cleaning Your Drapes and/or Sheers with Renue Systems on the rod cleaning

Raise your Quality Assurance scores on inspections

Increase guest satisfaction

Delay replacement expenses $1 maintenance can defer $25 of expenses.

Advanced Stain Repair for Toughest Stains

Our Advanced Stain Repair Gets Out The Toughest Stains That Others Miss. Deep Cleaning Drapes and Sheers can extend their lives dramatically. Deep cleaning helps kill mold spores, eliminate allergens like pollen, and eliminate soiling that breaks down the fibers of the drapes and sheers.

Pictured is an example of how our deep cleaning with stain repair can dramatically revitalize curtains making replacement unnecessary.

Increased Sales From Guests Having A Positive Experience

Dramatically improve guest feedback with clean drapes and sheers. Hotels and businesses are expected to be clean and when they are it leads to repeat business and strong word of mouth through shared experiences.

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