Marble Restoration and Polishing Service On Oahu

Time Tested Marble and Natural Stone Restoration Services

We start by cleaning off all surface dirt and sand from the floor.

Renue Systems uses a specialized chemical that prepares the natural stone for restoration.

This is before and after picture of a marble floor that looked dull. After restoration and polishing it restored the floor's shine.

Next we remove any scratches, etches, or wear through our diamond honing and polishing.

Our expert staff is trained and with over two decades of experience in technique at Renue Systems, we are able to restore your marble and natural stone to its new shine.

We can keep your floor looking bright and shiny through our ongoing maintenance program.

Please contact us for more information if you have questions on our ongoing maintenance program.


Recent Work

This is a before and after picture of dull looking marble stairs being restored and polished. The after picture shows the stairs true shine.