Hawaii Reopens Oct 15th - 3 Things Hotels and Businesses Can Do To Prepare

As of today it is clear that Hawaii will reopen on October 15th specifically in regards to allowing tourists to avoid the 14 day quarantine provided they have taken a covid test 72 hours prior to departure from a trusted partner. There have been pushes by the Waikiki city counsel as well as Mayors from Maui, Big Island, and Kauai to require a mandatory 6 day quarantine and a second negative test after 6 days. All these plans (with the exception of the Big Island were rejected by Hawaii Governor David Ige.

This is very likely to hold up because of the fact that according to Lieutenant Governor Doctor Josh Green, Hawaii doesn't have the capacity to give thousands of travelers a secondary test.

Businesses have been hurting on Oahu and this is and it is extremely important that your hotel or business is ready to open on Oct 15th.

Here are 3 Steps You Can Do To Prepare To Open Successfully On October 15th:

1.Take the guesswork out of the equation for the guest on how they will get their family to Hawaii. This means making it very clear to them how to get to your hotel whether it be on Oahu, Maui, the Big Island, or Kauai.

Do you have a page informing them of who are these "trusted providers"?

Most guests do not realize, but a negative Covid test, no matter how good it is, will not count unless is done by a "trusted provider".

As of now these are the only trusted partners:

2. Be sure to tell your customer what you are doing as a business to make your business or hotel safe.

Electrostatic spraying and disinfecting has grown to take on new importance during the pandemic and as we come out of it. Electrostatic spraying is different then other disinfecting methods in that there is an electrical charge that ensures 360 degree coverage around objects making it the go to choice.

It is not enough to disinfect your business, it is essential you share that message.

For example, at Renue Systems Of Oahu we have marketing messages we share with hotel and commercial businesses so their guests know that they are safe at their business.

Example Of Messaging that can be shared:

3. Do the "out of the box" marketing that gets the word out that your hotel or business is safe.

Its not what you do that everyone else is doing that makes you stands out - it is what you do that is different.

For example:

-If you are a hotel, do you have a hanger on the room door indicating the last time the room was disinfected?

-If you are a restaurant, do you have table tent notifying guests when the restaurant was last disinfected?

-Does your website clearly indicate what you are doing to go above and beyond to make guests feel safe?

-For Hotels, have you updated TripAdvisor with what your doing to be safe whether it be contactless payment, employee temperature screening, or social distancing on property?

-For commercial businesses have you updated your listing services to indicate what you are doing to keep customers safe (for example - Yelp and your Google my business page)?

Anything that indicates that you go above and beyond on safety to the guest or customer will communicate more than ever before.

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