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Power Washing Service On Oahu

Time Tested Power Washing Services

Ecologically Friendly Power Washing Service

All our solutions use EPA safer choice products. We are able to provide power washing up to 4400PSI. For jobs that need the heat we can get heat in access of 200 degrees which allows us to both clean effectively and do so without any harsh chemicals.

Renue your Facility with Regular Maintenance Agreements

Reduce slipping hazards, raise your guest scores, and keep your facility looking good with customized solutions that meet your facilities unqiue needs while working with your budget.

Extend the life of your investment

Power Washing can extend the life of your investment saving you money.

This is a picture of a before and after on the stairs. Before powerwashing they were stained with black tar. After the stairs look really clean.
Power Washing Main Descripton
Power Washng Commercial

Recent Work Power Washing Oahu

This before and after photo shows the entrance to a condo that had a terrible stain on the driveway. After powerwashing the driveway looked much improved.
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