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PTAC Cleaning Service On Oahu

Time Tested PTAC Cleaning Services

Our 17 Step Process Gets Superior Results with PTAC Cleaning

Renue Systems of Oahu utilizes specialized equipment, extensive training, and proprietary chemicals to get the best results. With 29+ years of experience in PTAC cleaning in the top hotels including Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt to name a few, Renue Systems has developed innovative breakthroughs that have been discovered through testing and product development that lead to superior results in cleaning PTAC units.

Our technicians undergo an extensive 10-day training at Renue Headquarters in Chicago as well as quarterly training locally. At training they learn how to effectively remove the units in the room and clean it throughly. This includes cleaning the outer coil, inner coil, blower wheel, drain pan, ensure proper drainage of the drain hose, lower pan,  and the lower drainage trap. Our technicians are trained to be able to identify the electronic areas unique to the brand of the PTAC unit to ensure the cleaning does not damage the electronics of the unit.

Regular Cleaning of Your PTAC units provides a strong return on investment through

  1. Reducing your electricity bill by as much as 20%

  2. Improving the cooling performance of your units

  3. Avoiding costly repairs caused by a lack of maintenance

  4. Increase the longevity of your units by several years

  5. Avoid costly downtime and lawsuits by eliminating potential airborne mold before it starts

This picture shows a Renue Systems technician cleaning out the inner wheel of the PTAC unit.
PTAC Description
PTAC Cleaning Hotels

Key Benefits PTAC Deep Cleaning Oahu

Eliminate Air Borne Mold Before It Starts.
Save up to 20% on your electric bill by annual deep cleaning your PTAC unti
Get a thorough clean with our 17 Step Process for your PTAC unti.
Delay Avoid Costly PTAC Repairs with specialists following the highest maintenance standards

Make a strong return on investment by deep cleaning carpet

Make a strong return on investment by deep cleaning carpet

Make a strong return on investment by deep cleaning carpet

Recent Work PTAC Deep Cleaning
This is a before and after photo of a PTAC unit that had dirt and mold in it. After cleaning the dirt and mold are gone.
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