Granite Counter Top Sealing Restoration

Expert Cleaning and Sealing for Restoring and Protecting Granite Counter Tops

Renue Systems uses our rinse-less rinse that evaporates quickly and does not leave any residue or water spots on the granite counter top. We then polish using our granite polishing cream that is specifically formulated with a unique blend of abrasives and polishing agents to restore the granite counter top’s original polish and shine. Polish additive is added to deepen the shine and restore the original color and beauty of the granite. We then seal the granite with our granite impregnator sealer. This sealer will protect the stone from staining and possible irreversible damage to the granite.


Prepping and Deep Cleaning for Safe and Effective Granite Maintenance

Our non-toxic and environmentally cleaning formulation is designed to safely remove hard water deposits, soap residue, and grout haze from the surface. The Renue deep cleaning scrub combines organic cleaning agents and a very soft abrasive to gently remove hard water deposits, soap scum, and grime from polished stone and glass without harming or scratching the surface of the stone.

Professional Granite Sealing for Long-Lasting Protection

Our granite sealer process involves applying the sealer to the stone, creating a film and leaving it on the surface long enough for it to be absorbed into the pores of the stone. Excess sealer is wiped off the surface and the water or solvent base evaporates leaving the resin to dry and harden creating the barrier. Sealer keeps spilled substances on the surface of the stone giving you more time to clean it up, so that it is not absorbed into the pores of the stone causing a stain.

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