Hallway and Ballroom Wool Carpet Cleaning

Certified by Woolsafe North America for safe and effective Hallway and Ballroom Wool Carpet Cleaning.

Renue is certified by Woolsafe North America for the care and cleaning of wool carpets, ensuring the validity of your warranties while extending the life of your Hallway and Ballroom Wool Carpet Cleaning.

Specialized Equipment and WoolSafe Approved Chemicals for Effective Wool Carpet Cleaning

Simple hot water extraction, bonnet cleaning, rotary scrubbing or shampooing wool carpet can permanently damage the wool carpet fibers and lead to warranties being voided or even worse, the replacement of these expensive carpets much sooner than is needed. Wool carpet cleaning requires the use of WoolSafe approved chemicals that include acid based (on the pH scale) soil release pre-sprays, and spotting agents to safely clean the wool fibers. It also requires very specialized equipment like our pile lifting machine and this, combined with our specialized chemicals for color stabilization, is the reason why Renue Systems has become the “go to” company for hotels.

Hallway and Ballroom Wool Carpet Cleaning – We prioritize hot water extraction, the preferred method for wool carpet deep cleaning, endorsed by major floorcare manufacturers.

Renue Systems utilizes a Gold Level Cleaning system, approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute and following all guidelines set forth by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration.

Double the Life of Your Wool Carpet with Proper Restorative Cleaning and Stain Repair

Because wool carpet is a natural fiber, it is higher maintenance than a synthetic fiber carpet. If your wool carpet has stains, faded, or has color loss schedule a walkthrough with Renue Systems of Oahu. With proper restorative cleaning and stain repair of your wool carpet you can double the life of it saving you money.

Interested in Wool Carpet Restorative Cleaning for Your Hallways and Ballrooms?

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