Lobby and
Cabana Upholstery

Deep Cleaning and Stain Repair Services for Upholstered Furniture

Our Renue Lobby and Cabana Upholstery deep cleaning and stain repair services can help restore the beauty and prolong the life of the upholstered furniture your guests and staff use every day.

Specially Designed Products, Equipment, and Methods for Effective Upholstery Cleaning

Using specially designed products, equipment and methods, the upholstery experts at Renue Systems of Oahu can help remove unsightly spots as deeply embedded stains caused from things like sunscreen. We’ll eliminate dust, allergens, dead skin cells and oils resulting in a healthier environment for everyone.

Expert Care for Each Unique Upholstery Item

When cleaning Lobby and Cabana upholstered furniture, each item must be treated with the unique care that it deserves. Not all upholstery is the same, so each item in your facility will need to be assessed prior to cleaning. Our experts are fully trained and experienced with the various cleaning methods that will be required.

Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

  • Remove stains and spots already present
  • Reduce the effects of wear on furniture
  • Extend the life of the upholstery and protect your investment
  • Eliminate persistent odors
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