Lobby Marble and Stone Restorative Cleaning

Effective Marble Lobby Restoration Solutions for Dull and Worn Marble and Stone

Over time, constant traffic can make your lobby marble and stone look dull. Renue Systems of Oahu offers a variety of cost-effective solutions for marble lobby restoration that can match your needs and budget.

Restorative Cleaning and Polishing with Proprietary Diamond 11,000 Grit Crystalizing Pad

We use our proprietary diamond 11,000 grit crystalizing pad that restoratively removes light imperfections in the stone. Our process is uniquely better for the stone and for the environment. Our crystallizer increases the density and reflectivity of the marble without any harsh chemicals and allows stone to breath. This service includes a layer of extra protection with its penetrating sealer to help the marble last and keep its luster.

Penetrating Sealing of Marble and Stone for Protection Against Stains and Damage

It is essential that all stone tiles including marble are sealed. This is because stones are porous and can easily absorb liquids and generate stains. All of our sealers are kind to the environment and are food grade. Sealers may not prevent etching that occurs from acidic spills and cleaners, but it will help protect the stone from permanent damage.

Full Restoration for Marble and Stone

Marble and stone restoration is our highest level of service. It not only will return your marble or stone back to its original luster, it will also greatly increase the clarity of the stone like it was when you first installed it. Our multi-step restoration process strips the top surface off the stone removing the deeply embedded scratches and creates a new surface ready to accept polishing. The lower the stone is ground, the more reflective the surface the stone becomes. This process enhances the natural color of the stone and provides a deep and high-gloss finish.

Specialized Sealing for Travertine

Travertine has become very popular on the islands for its looks, but if it is not sealed properly on an annual basis it can cause mold issues real quick because of how porous it is. Our Travertine penetrating sealers will protect your floor and walls so you can have peace of mind knowing moisture is not going through the stone to cause issues.

Specialized Diamond Honing for Marble and Stone Prep

Specialized honing is often called out in the specs for commercial construction when installing marble or stone to prep the marble for sealer. Having this done by an experienced company like Renue Systems is essential to protect your floor for the long run.

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