Odor Removal Service

Our Process vs. Ozone Cleaning: Faster, More Effective, and Safer

Wondering how our advanced odor removal service differs from Ozone Cleaning? Our specialized process effectively eradicates smoking odors, not just from the air, but also from porous surfaces like carpets, drapes, upholstery, walls, and more. Renue Systems’ odor removal service outperforms Ozone Cleaning, providing quicker and more cost-effective results.

Ozone Drawbacks: Slow, Ineffective, and Unsafe

Ozone Cleaning can take several days, up to a week, to achieve the desired effect in some cases. In contrast, our process can complete mild cases within 3-4 hours, and even major cases requiring additional treatments only add a few hours to the process. This rapid turnaround transforms an out-of-order room into inventory quickly. While Ozone Cleaning systems may eliminate odors from the air, they often fail to remove nicotine from carpets, drapes, and upholstery fabric. Moreover, Ozone Cleaning systems pose safety risks when protocols are not followed or someone enters the area accidentally. Renue Systems’ processes do not involve any of these risks.

Key Benefits

Turn around your room in hours not days

Lower cost than Ozone Cleaning

More Safe For Your Guests

Eliminate the smoking smell from porous surfaces, not just the air

Our Methods Neutralize and then Eliminate Smoking Odor

Renue Systems of Oahu employs a multi-step process to extract, neutralize, and eliminate smoking odors. Within a few hours, your room can be turned around and ready for use. Our removal service includes deep cleaning of all soft goods, along with cleaning the walls and furniture, and misting or fogging the room with a nicotine counteractive agent to ensure complete removal of all residual smoke odors. At Renue Systems of Oahu, we’ll eliminate hard-to-treat malodors and remove any residual odors, including those from smokers, biohazards, cooking, pets, and more. Our technique is both safer and faster than Ozone Cleaning, allowing you to return the room to occupancy on the same day.

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