Stainless Steel Restoration

Stainless Steel Restoration and Rust Removal for Elevator Surfaces

Renue Systems of Oahu offers a comprehensive repair and refinishing service, specializing in stainless steel restoration and rust removal, to bring elevator surfaces back to their original factory condition. Our proven methods and techniques for polishing stainless steel ensure that your elevator surfaces regain their pristine appearance.

Whether your project requires a complete restoration or localized repairs, we will meet your needs.

This service includes removing existing finishes and damage, restoring the brass base metal to its original luster, and applying the Shineguard finish to seal and protect your brass surfaces. Shineguard is able to restore both brushed and mirror brass finishes to their original condition.

Elevator scratch damage can have a detrimental impact on the image of your property. In the event of vandalism or graffiti, quick action is proven to prevent further damage from occurring while maintaining the desired look of your property. Renue Oahu specializes in repairing damage to elevator metal surfaces through our proven metal restoration processes.

At Renue, we specialize in restoring finishes on stainless steel elevator doors, elevator cabs, elevator wall panels and elevator entrances. Removing damage from metal surfaces, along with restoring and maintaining metal, will avoid the costly endeavor of removal and replacement

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