VCT Strip & Wax

Experience our Vinyl Tile Strip and Wax expert floor treatment for revitalizing dull and dirty vinyl composite tile surfaces.

Over the course of time VCT, (Vinyl Composite Tile) begins to look dull and dirty, no matter how many times you scrub or mop. There is nothing like stripping and waxing to bring back the shine to your vinyl floors. At Renue of Oahu we provide an extensive range of floor treatment to suit your requirements.


Stripping for Deep Cleaning and Removal of Stubborn Dirt and Grime

Dirt and grime can stick to the wax on a vinyl floor. By stripping the wax off the floor, and the stubborn dirt and grime, the floors can get their shine back. We have advanced industrial-level cleaners that will get your floors sparkling clean.

Our Vinyl Tile Strip and Wax service includes waxing, polishing, and buffing for a long-lasting shine and protection.

Vinyl floors will need to be recoated after being stripped. That’s why waxing and polishing hard floors will help them shine brighter and last longer. It’s easier to keep polished floors clean because a layer of polish helps keep dirt at bay and acts like a sealant. We recommend this process of stripping and waxing to be performed at least once a year. Buffing vinyl floors will increase the gloss on the wax over time and improve their physical appearance. For commercial business’ buffing services are needed more often than stripping. and waxing.

Expertise in Commercial Floor Cleaning, Maintenance, and Refurbishment

Our experienced team at SafeCan have expertise in commercial floor cleaning, floor stripping, buffing, floor polishing, floor waxing, floor maintenance and refurbishment. We will get you the most from your flooring investment.
Vinyl Tile Strip and Wax Before and After

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