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Tile and Grout Cleaning Service On Oahu

Time Tested Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Services

Renue Systems of Oahu utilizes specialized equipment, extensive training, and proprietary chemicals to get the best results. With 30+ years of experience in commercial cleaning of upholstery Renue Systems has developed innovative breakthroughs that have been discovered through testing and product development that lead to superior results in cleaning tile and grout.

Our technicians undergo an extensive 10-day training at Renue Headquarters in Chicago as well as quarterly training locally. At training they learn how to identify to match both the unique conditions of the tile and grout to the proper cleaning solution.

Renue Systems performs a well-tested technique we have developed over the years in conjunction with the leading deep floorcare cleaning association and the largest carpet manufactures.

Based on the condition of condition of the tile the Renue Systems will choose the proper equipment and our proprietary Hotel Hygiene chemical for the job.  

Dirt is removed with our Advanced Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning Solutions

Deep Cleaning Tile and Grout can extend the lifetime of the flooring dramatically saving money. Deep cleaning helps protect the floor from future stains and disinfects the floor from harmful germs.


When we clean tile we use high-pressure water and vacuum system along with our cleaning solution that does not leave a residue.
Pictured below is an example of how our deep advanced deep cleaning solutions restored this tile and grout in Honolulu.


This is a before and after picture of tile and grout cleaning. After deep cleaning of the tile and grout the dirty grout lines are removed and the tile is restored.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Kills Bacteria and Other Harmful Germs

Our Deep Cleaning process kills 96.5% of common household allergens. The reality is that the dirt in your grout lines might not be dirt at all, but mold. While most people assume that mold is green, it can come in a variety of colors and deeply embed itself into the grout lines. Over time mold spores can spread and even cause structural damage to the tile. Deep cleaning gets where everday cleaning will not.

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Increased Sales From Guests Having A Positive Experience

Dramatically improve guest feedback with clean tile and grout. Hotels and businesses are expected to be clean and when they are it leads to repeat business and strong word of mouth through shared experiences.

This picture shows the top 5 benefits for tile and grout cleaning. Tile and grout cleaning kills bacteria and other harmful germs. Tile and grout cleaning helps remove stubborn dirt and stains. Tile and grout cleaning saves money in the long run. Tile and grout cleaning protrects tile and grout in the long run. Tile and grout cleaning protects the tile and grout from future stains. Tile and grout cleaning extends the lifespan of flooring.
Tile and Grout Main Description
Tile and Grout Restoration Hotels
Tile and Grout Restoration Commecial

Key Benefits Tile and Grout Cleaning

Extend the life of your tile and grout dramatically by implementing regular deep cleaning
Increase guest satisfaction
Raise your Quality Assurance scores on inspections
Delay replacement expenses
$1 maintenance can defer $25 of expenses.

Make a strong return on investment by deep cleaning carpet

Make a strong return on investment by deep cleaning carpet

Make a strong return on investment by deep cleaning carpet

Recent Work Tile and Grout
This is a picture of the Renue Tile and Grout machine working to clean the tile and grout. Clearly pictured is the difference between the very clean areas that have already been gone over and the dirty areas in the picture that have not been cleaned yet. It shows how effective Renue System's tile and grout cleaning can be.
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