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Waihonua Counter Top Restoration Services

Book Granite and Bathroom Countertop Restoration and Sealing Services Below

Waihonua Restoration Results On The Bathroom Travertine Counter Top

Notice how the damaged surface as been restored and the reflectivity has returned. Bathroom counter tops that are not maintained will always feel dirty because of the damage the occurs to the stone over time. Repair the damage and protect your counter tops on a regular basis.

Travertine BA Counter 1 USE.png

Waihonua Restoration Results On The Kitchen Granite Counter Top

The granite counter top at Waihonua should be sealed at least once a year to help protect it from damage. Renue Systems is able to restore the granite, remove stains, and bring back the granite to its original luster.

Granite CounterTop Before and After 3.jpg

Q. How do you know when you need to restore your bathroom travertine counter top?
A. Dull travertine is not dirty stone, it is damaged stone. Travertine is very porous and when there is etching in the marble it is time for diamond honing restoration. When you lose the reflectivity of the your bathroom counter top it is time to get it restored. Renue Systems diamond hones the travertine removing the damage.
Q. Is restoration really necessary or can I just polish my bathroom counter top?
A. Travertine restoration not only helps to repair damaged travertine, but it also helps to prevent permanent damage. Travertine is very porous and the longer spills are on the stone the deeper they will penetrate into the stone. 
Q. What is the purpose of sealing marble counter tops?
A. Sealing marble counter tops helps to protect against dirt and spills that if given enough time on marble can penetrate the stone and become permanent. Marble is very porous and sealants prevent liquids from penetrating the stone causing damage. When marble is properly sealed and maintained it will ensure liquids will only bead up to the surface.
Q. How do you know when you need to seal your kitchen granite counter top?
A. Put water on your granite counter top and come back in 30 minutes. If the water is still there, your sealing is still active and your stone is protected. If the water absorbed into the stone it is time to have your marble counter top re-sealed. As a good rule of thumb, check your granite counter top every 6 months and in general seal it annually as this protects from every day acids and oils that can damage your counter top from everyday cooking.

Add On Deep Cleaning of Carpet or Tile and Grout Starting As Low As $155 Per Service

We offer carpet as well as tile and grout deep cleaning at Waihonua as an add on service as low as $155 per service when purchasing our bundled counter top services. Renue Systems has been the preferred provider for condos and hotels for over 30 years such as Ritz Carlton, Marriott, Hilton, and Hyatt.

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