Area Rug and Carpet Stain Repair

Specialized Equipment, Extensive Training, and Proprietary Chemicals for Superior Results

Renue Systems of Oahu utilizes specialized equipment, extensive training, and proprietary chemicals to get the best results. With 30+ years of experience in commercial stain repair of carpets Renue Systems has developed innovative breakthroughs that have been discovered through testing and product development that lead to superior results in stain repair of carpets.

Expert Technicians and Fiber ID for Optimal Stain Removal

Our technicians undergo an extensive 10-day training at Renue Headquarters in Chicago as well as quarterly training locally in Honolulu. At training they learn how to fiber ID the carpet and select the matching Renue System chemicals that match both the fiber and the unique stain on the carpet or area rug. The proper solution and temperature applied is based on the fiber ID of the carpet.Renue Systems of Oahu performs a well-tested technique we have developed over the years in conjunction with the leading deep floorcare cleaning association and the largest carpet manufacturers. Renue Systems technicians are trained to inspect the stain with a specialized 40x microscope to determine how to most effectively go about removing the stain. The stain removal procedure includes using the right chemical, for the right amount of time, and neutralizing the chemical reaction to protect the carpet dyes from bleeding.

Key Benefits

Extend the life of your area rug with on site stain repair

Raise your Quality Assurance scores on inspections

Increase guest satisfaction

Easier Daily and Weekly Maintenance For Housekeeping.

Get Out Tough Wine Stains and Coffee Stains For Your Wool Area Rugs or Wool Carpet

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