Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

Restaurant Deep Cleaning Services for Commercial Kitchens

At Renue Systems of Oahu, we prioritize cleanliness and safety in commercial kitchens. Furthermore, our services encompass cleaning ceiling tiles, walls, floors, appliances, fryers, ice machines, meat slicers, and more. This approach not only reduces food-borne illnesses but also improves employee working conditions.

Our certified technicians at Renue Systems of Oahu excel in eco-friendly cleaning methods and products for your kitchen equipment. Using specialized tools and techniques, we expertly eliminate grease, grime, and residue from your surfaces while preserving their integrity.

Renue Systems of Oahu distinguishes itself as the exclusive kitchen deep-cleaning company. We address unique needs like rust removal, prevention, and stainless steel scratch elimination. Additionally, we apply protective coatings and sealants to maintain surfaces’ pristine appearance.

We collaborate closely with you at Renue Systems of Oahu to ensure thorough kitchen equipment cleaning meeting the highest standards. Our services are tailored specifically to meet the needs of commercial restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality establishments. Reach out to access our deep cleaning services designed to reduce food-borne illnesses and enhance your staff’s working conditions.

Key Causes of Foodborne Illness Outbreaks in Commercial Restaurants

A CDC study revealed that foodborne illness outbreaks in commercial restaurants often result from poor hygiene and inadequate kitchen asset cleaning. Therefore, having a deep cleaning service for your commercial kitchen is crucial to ensure thorough cleaning and sanitization of your kitchen assets.

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