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Marble Restoration Service On Oahu

Time Tested Marble and Natural Stone Restoration Services

We start by cleaning off all surface dirt and sand from the floor.

Renue Systems uses a specialized fluoride salts to enhance the appearance and remove any soiling. This helps to prepare the marble floors or marble counter tops to be restored.

Marble BA Counter restoration removing coffee stains before and after

We remove scratches, etches, or wear through our marble restoration.

Our expert staff is trained and with over two decades of experience in technique at Renue Systems, we are able to restore your marble and natural stone to its new shine. Dull marble is damaged marble. Our diamond honing process will bring out the original luster of your marble floors or marble counter tops. Remove hard water spots from marble flooring or coffee stains for your marble counter tops. We also seal marble counter tops and floors using our stone impregnator. Sealing your marble counter tops and marble floors will help to prevent staining that can become permanent if left untreated.

Why Do Marble Countertops Need to Be Sealed?
In short, the reason why to seal your marble countertops is because you want your natural stone to look nice for a long, long time. Marble is a high-end, natural stone that makes for an attractive surface. Even though the calcium-based stone is strong enough for a countertop, it is also soft and porous. This means that marble countertops absorb liquids that could leave stains, and to help minimize damage, they need to be sealed.

Having your marble countertops sealed correctly is vitally important. When they are sealed properly, they resist staining from juice, wine, oil, nail polish and polish remover. When marble is sealed it won’t harbor bacteria in the pores of the marble and can be cleaned up with PH neutral marble cleaner. 

What does this mean?
Well, it means you may develop permanent stains if your marble countertop is not sealed properly. For example: red wine, lemon juice, tomatoes… all acidic, all make unsealed marble vulnerable. Even something as simple as water rings can put unsealed marble at risk.

Travertine Dual Sink Restoration Before and After

Regular maintenance with a quality marble restorer can keep your marble countertop, marble floor, or travertine countertop (pictured above from Honolulu) looking great.

Please contact us for more information if you have questions on our ongoing maintenance program for marble flooring and marble counter tops on Oahu.

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This is a before and after picture of dull looking marble stairs being restored and polished. The after picture shows the stairs true shine.
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